Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an RTM Home?

  • RTM stands for Ready to Move.  These homes are built on our site and moved to your foundation when completed.  An RTM is built to the same standards or higher that a site built home and once on the foundation is just like any other house.

Is the move included in the price?

  • No, the move is not included in the price.
How much does the move cost?
  • The move is dependent on sqft size, distance, site location and condition.  It is best to contact a building mover for a quote. 
Who do we get to move our RTM?
  • As the customer, you may choose any company to perform your move.  We can provide you with the names of qualified movers that customers have used in the past.
Do I get to choose all interior and exterior finishes?
  • Yes, you get to choose everything from paint, flooring, cabinets, counter tops, ceilings, roofing, siding, etc. Click here for a list of our specifications.   
What do I place my RTM on?
  • You can have your RTM sit on a basement, crawlspace or screw piles. 
How long does it take for an RTM to be built?
  • On average it takes 3 and a half months, depending on the size of your RTM as well as truss availability.
Can your plans be changed or customized?
  • We can change the size and layout of any of our plans to suit your needs or we can help to custom design something from scratch with you.